Evli and Market Securities to collaborate in the Gulf countries

16.July 2018 at 09:00:00 CET


Evli Fund Management Company Ltd, a Nordic fund management boutique with a prime focus on institutional investors, has expanded its distribution of fund products to the Middle East.  

To promote and distribute selected fund products Evli Fund Management Company has entered into an agreement with Market Securities. Market Securities' Cross Asset and Structured Solutions teams will promote and distribute Evli's credit, equity and alternative asset strategies to professional investors across the oil exporting Gulf countries. Market Securities is a fully independent global group offering product coverage over a large set of asset classes. 

Petter von Bonsdorff, Head of International Business Development at Evli, explains the motives behind the agreement: "Market Securities is an ideal match for bringing new opportunities to professional investors in the Gulf countries and we are extremely excited about this new partnership. Market Securities' experienced team is well placed to serve a wide variety of professional investors in the Gulf region." 

"Market Securities runs a very selective partnership strategy, where the manager's integrity, institutional credibility and capabilities, investment team resourcing, investment processes, as well as quality of its underlying products on offer are paramount - elements which are critical to the manager selection process. Evli's Senior Portfolio Managers have on average over 20 years industry experience, many of which have been spent with the firm. In addition, the funds are managed with well-defined investment processes, implemented with a consistent and active investment style. The results have seen Evli gain a strong and credible track record among institutional investors. Based on our selection criteria, we see Evli as an excellent match to our selective partnership network", Mika Parviainen, Manager at Market Securities comments on the co-operation. 

For more information, please contact: 
Petter von Bonsdorff, Head of International Business Development, tel. +358 (0)9 47669 111, petter.bonsdorff@evli.com 

Evli Fund Management Company Ltd
Evli Fund Management Company is a Nordic fund management boutique with a prime focus on institutional investors. The funds are actively managed with an ESG overlay, a long time-perspective and a focus on free cash flow. Senior portfolio managers have an average of 10 years at Evli and 20 years' industry experience.

Evli Fund Management Company is owned by Evli Bank Plc. Evli has total of EUR 11.9 billion in client assets under management (net 6/2018). The Evli Group's equity capital totals EUR 69.4 million and its BIS capital adequacy ratio is 16.4 percent (June 30, 2018). The company has more than 250 employees. Evli Bank Plc's B shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.

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