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Grieg Seafood ASA: IHN confirmed at the Culloden Point site in BC, Canada

Reference is made to the stock exchange notification on 3 August 2012. Renewed tests confirm the presence of the IHN virus at Grieg Seafood BC's site Culloden Point in BC, Canada. Canadian authorities that have conducted the renewed testing, has yet not issued any depopulation order regarding the Culloden Point site, but in line with recent practice, Canadian authorities are expected to issue a depopulation order of the concerning site within short term. Grieg Seafood BC has taken all measures to isolate the farming site as well as prepare for depopulation of the site. The Culloden Point site holds in excess of 300,000 atlantic salmon, with an average weight of in excess of 0.5 kg and a book value of NOK 9m. The final financial impact of the likely depopulation order will depend on the potential compensation from Grieg Seafood's insurance and/or Canadian authorities as a consequence of a potential depopulation order.

This information is subject of the disclosure requirements acc. to 5-12 vphl (Norwegian Securities Trading Act)