25.06.2015 14:03:19 CET

Decisions from Extraordinary General Meeting at LM Group Holding A/S 25 June 2015

On 25 June 2015, an Extraordinary General Meeting of LM Group Holding A/S, CVR no. 25 71 17 77, ('The Company') was held at the offices of The Company, Jupitervej 6, DK-6000 Kolding.

The Chairman informed the General Meeting that Mr. Leendert Matheus Schot (Leo Schot) as a result of his resignation as a director of The Company had chosen to resign as board member and that, in this context, the board of directors had proposed the election of Marcus Johannes Cornelis de Jong (Marc de Jong) as his replacement. The Chairman presented the nominee to the General Meeting and explained the nominee's background and managerial offices. 

The proposal was unanimously approved with all votes. The board re-elected John Joseph Leahy as Chairman.

There were no more items to be dealt with at the General Meeting.