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Successful year for M-Brain in North America

M-Brain Oy Company Announcement 19.1.2016 12:00 pm

Successful year for M-Brain in North America

M-Brain had a very successful 2015 in North America. M-Brain Americas, a subsidiary of M-Brain Group, partnered with several extremely valuable new clients, while also deepening and broadening cooperation with important existing clients.

In its pioneering path to combine market, competitive and media intelligence under a single and powerful umbrella, M-Brain Americas has delivered solutions to customers that include:  Cutting edge intelligence technology, powerful human and tech based global monitoring, multinational primary research and analysis projects aimed at increasing top line, and advisory on the set up and optimization of intelligence functions.

To illustrate some examples, M-Brain engaged with many companies with its enhanced Intelligence Plaza version 7.5 that now includes new functionalities such as integration with Industry Insights (global news coverage) and SpreadSheets (analysis capability) modules.  One telecom company increased its number of users by 10 fold as a result;

On the monitoring side, M-Brain has increased its ability to provide customized monitoring solutions for its clients to match any budget.  For priority topics, M-Brain engages in Customized Intelligence Monitoring, yet for topics of secondary importance, M-Brain engages its Industry Insight solution.  A long term auto parts customer has leveraged this dynamic capability to double the number of deliverables that M-Brain provides on a monthly basis to the strategy team, as the company has seen how it generates direct topline performance;

On the project side, M-Brain Americas has experienced a significant increase in the second half, especially with global market and competitive intelligence, which may be a result of the shift in economic output the world is experiencing.  A large food manufacturer commissioned M-Brain for a global market assessment as a first stage effort to prioritize and scope the best markets for their strategy;

As usual, a large number of companies engaged with M-Brain for MI benchmarking assessments and roadmap development projects for the set-up of a world class intelligence function. 

The outlook for next year is promising.  "We have increased brand awareness and developed a stronger position in the market with our powerful suite of Intelligence Solutions, and our customers have seen how this benefits their top line.  This makes 2016 look even better than last year", says M-Brain Americas regional CEO Thomas Rideg.

For further information, please contact:

Thomas Rideg
Regional CEO, Americas
Tel: +1 416 931 0904
Email: thomas.rideg@m-brain.com