24 February 2018


Main financial indicators 2017

Oslo/ Amsterdam - 24 February 2018. The Dutch - Norwegian Offshore service provider Oceanteam ASA ("Oceanteam" or "Company"), listed at the Oslo Stock Exchange, today announces the unaudited annual results of FY 2017. According to the Board, the Oceanteam group of companies realized a satisfying  USD 31.8 million operating  income and solid EBITDA of USD 9.1 million, meeting market performance forecasts in very challenging conditions.

Haico Halbesma, ceo of Oceanteam, is happy the way Oceanteam group has been able to further develop its commercial operations and keep on attracting new charter business and rewarding solution contracts in its niche markets, among other cable layout support connecting electricity and telecom network offshore and onshore in Europe and Asia.

 "2017 in particular was an unprecedented rollercoaster ride from many perspectives. Unfortunately our market performance, new activities and client rewards have been publicly overshadowed by negative publicity created by some minor shareholders, former management and former advisors. For obvious legal reasons we decided not to comment as yet on the many fables and false allegations. The good news is that our company is doing very well from an operationally point of view. We have aligned our balance sheet and P&L with market peers and our indirect costs (overhead) are significantly down compared to previous years. In addition, we are confident to further conclude and solve all pending issues during  H1 2018 and find the best solutions to preserve the value of the company in the benefit of all our shareholders ", says Halbesma.

Major events in 2017

Major subsequent events (2017)

Non-recurring items and developments 2017

The net result for 2017 in the consolidated profit and loss statement was impacted by material impairment losses recognised for certain assets listed below. This negative impact has been offset by positive upside from changes in accounting policy for valuation of Company's construction support vessels and recognition of material financial income as a result of capital debt restructuring which took place during 2017.   

In light of the current poor market conditions in the shipping industry in general and more specifically in Mexico, the agreement for the purchase and bareboat chartering of the vessel Tampamachoco 1 (T1) has been cancelled without further liability to Oceanteam and Diavaz. The Company has written off the CSV Tampamachoco 1.

Due to the weakened contractual position of the two FSVs Icacos and Cobos the net book values have been written down by USD 2.1 million each reflecting the current fair market valuation of these vessels. This has resulted in reduction of the net assets of the Company with USD 1.7 million, this being 40% for Oceanteam working interest in DOT JV.

In addition to this, the total group investment in the DOT JV structure has been impaired and a loss of USD 4.2 million has been recognised at year end 2017.

Following the sale of the Company's 100% indirect subsidiary (KCI the engineers B.V.), the Company has written off goodwill assets in the amount of USD 6.2 million leaving the reported goodwill amount standing at USD 3.1 million at year end 2017.

Due to the continued unstable political situation in Venezuela the Company has decided to write off the carrying value of the FSV vessels Tiburon and Mantarraya leading to USD 2.1 million equity losses each.

Deferred tax asset in Oceanteam Shipping B.V. (100% indirect subsidiary of the Company) has been written off based on its maturity resulting in a USD 1.25 million negative impact on the consolidated statement of profit and loss for year-end 2017. 

The useful economic life of the equipment within Oceanteam Shipping B.V. (100% indirect subsidiary of the Company) has been extended to better reflect the economic life of these assets and their expected ability to generate economic benefit. The turntables' economic life has been extended from 15 to 25 years and for the other equipment it has been extended by 5 to 10 years.

Please find attached press release with full results FY 2017.

Financial calendar

Annual accounts 2017 - April 30, 2018

Interim Half year Report 2018 (H1 2018) - August 31, 2018

Annual General Meeting - May 25, 2018


Amsterdam/ Bergen, 24 February 2018

Executive Management and Board

About Oceanteam ASA

The Company is comprised of two operating segments, Oceanteam Shipping and Oceanteam Solutions. Oceanteam Shipping owns, charters and manages deep-water offshore support vessels and fast support vessels. Oceanteam Solutions' focus is to provide its clients with complete offshore solutions. Oceanteam ASA has been active in the industry as an offshore solutions provider for over twelve years.

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