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27.02.2012 14:15:13 CET

Telenet continues to roll out its homespots

Half a million additional free WiFi locations by the end of summer

Mechelen, 27 February 2012. Telenet has decided to start rolling out its homespots, following the positive assessment of the trial run in Ghent in recent months. The roll-out will take place province by province and will be complete by the end of summer 2012. Telenet is expanding its Wi-Free service for its internet customers in this way and the number of free WiFi locations will increase by 500,000. Customers can find Telenet homespots in their vicinity via the Homespot Locator. 

Test project in Ghent 
Telenet tested its homespots at the end of last year with a large-scale test project in Ghent, where, following a software update, the modems of approximately 15,000 Telenet internet customers not only sent out a signal for private use, but also for public use. Users responded very positively to this trial, and everything ran without a hitch from a technical point of view. 

Province by province 
Because of these positive results, Telenet has decided to roll out its homespots further in Flanders and Brussels. The homespots will be rolled out step by step and region by region. So from 20 March, Telenet homespots will first be rolled out further in East Flanders, followed in order by West Flanders, Antwerp, Limburg, Brussels and Flemish Brabant. The roll-out will be finished by the end of summer 2012, resulting in an additional 500,000 free WiFi locations, as well as more than 1,200 public hotspots. And if the customer is not near a homespot or hotspot (internet or fixed location), he can of course use 3G for mobile Internet while out and about. 

The customer's choice 
Customers with a wireless internet modem from Telenet  will be informed in good time by e-mail about the roll-out of this service in their province. Customers who prefer not to open up the WiFi signal from their modem can simply disable this option. Up to four customers can make simultaneous use of a Telenet homespot by using their own login details on the public WiFi network, for example when visiting friends or family. The only precondition for making use of these Telenet homespots is that internet customers are required to make the public WiFi signal available from their own modem.

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