Date: 21 August 2008

GC Rieber Shipping - Second quarter and half year report 2008

GC Rieber Shipping posted a net profit of NOK 45.0 million in Q2 2008, compared with NOK 178.9 million in Q2 2007  In Q2 2007, NOK 133.2 million of the profit was related to a reduction in ownership in Arrow Seismic, which no longer were consolidated as a subsidiary in the financial accounts. The net profit in Q2 2008 is in line with expectations, despite negative effects from currency development. The net profit for the first half of 2008 was NOK 75.2 million, compared with NOK 196.8 million in the first half of 2007. The profit in the first half of 2008 is affected by currency development, as well as bad weather conditions in the North Sea in Q1 2008.
- We have during the second quarter continued our positioning for new initiatives within the offshore market and we have established an organisation in Asia, says CEO Sven Rong. In May, the company invested in four new specialized offshore vessels and acquired a 40% shareholding in the Singapore based company Bluestone Offshore. This adds to the acquisition of subsea specialist Scan Mudring in March. - The operation in Asia is strategically important for us, partly because Asia is an attractive market, but also because the operation in the long term enables us to become more cost effective, says Rong.
Other highlights from the financial accounts for Q2 2008:
The reduction in operating income and EBITDA from continuing operations in Q2 2008 compared with the corresponding period in 2007 is primarily due to weaker USD and GBP. Operations are however on a satisfactory level.
Sven Rong is satisfied with both plan and progress with respect to the reinvestment of capital from the disposal of the shareholding in Arrow Seismic.- We are progressing well with the expansion in the value chain within the offshore service market - Scan Mudring and Bluestone Offshore are both complementary to Technocean and contribute to expand our footprint within subsea. Furthermore, the investment in the four new specialized offshore vessels will provide significantly expanded capacity to Technocean, as well as opening for other opportunities.
The Asian operation will be important for the company going forward. - Both Asia and other regions such as West Africa, which can be operated out of Asia, are important growth regions for subsea going forward. In addition, the presence in Asia will provide ease the recruiting of personnel - which will be important for all of our business areas going forward.
GC Rieber Shipping has during July once again entered the seismic market, through an investment of NOK 120 million for a 60% shareholding in the recently established company Hexio, which primarily focus on permanent monitoring of oil and gas fields. The other owners in Hexio are Statoil Hydro Venture AS (20%) and Reservoir Innovation AS (20%). - We see significant opportunities within the market for permanent monitoring of oil and gas fields. The gain for oil companies by better utilisation of existing reservoirs can be large, says Sven Rong.
For further information, please contact:
CEO Sven Rong,
phone +47 55 60 68 18, or +47 90 55 49 52
About GC Rieber Shipping:
GC Rieber Shipping's business in the offshore/shipping segment includes high quality marine ship management of specialized vessels, project development and industrial portfolio management. The company has a unique competence on operations offshore in harsh environments, as well as design, development and maritime operation of seismic vessels. The company has also built substantial competence on subsea operations, both through the 52% stake in subsea contractor Technocean and through long term cooperation with other key players in the market.
GC Rieber Shipping owns and operates six advanced multifunctional special purpose vessels for defined markets within offshore subsea and ice research and support. The company is also in charge of ship management for 11 seismic vessels owned by PGS, CGGVeritas and Fugro, as well as project management and building supervision for four advanced seismic new builds for Arrow Seismic  (PGS).  The company is headquartered in Bergen with ship management offices in Sevenoaks (England) and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia). The company is listed on Oslo BÝrs with ticker RISH. Further information available on the company's website:

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