Date: 11 August 2010


It is with great sorrow we have received the message that CEO of GC Rieber Shipping ASA, Mr. Sven Rong (59), died yesterday during a hike in the mountains surrounding his cottage in Hardanger outside Bergen, Norway. He was by himself, it was nice weather and he was found on the path. The cause of his death is unknown.

Our thoughts are with Sven`s family at this tragic time.

Bergen, 11th August 2010

Paul-Chr. Rieber

Chairman of the Board of GC Rieber Shipping ASA


For further information, please contact:

Paul-Chr Rieber, phone +47 55 60 67 00, or +47 95 02 19 94

CFO Hans Petter Klohs, phone +47 55 60 68 24, or +47 90 75 05 26